About Us

Luxurious Bath Bombs

We craft our handmade bath bombs in small batches for quality control. Our tried and tested Heavenly Bubbles contains added Shea Butter and bath bombs that have piping decoration also include Cocoa Butter. These ingredients ensure that our bath bombs don't dry out skin or leave skin feeling irritated. We add Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA) as a foaming and bubbling agent (SLSA is a much milder and skin friendly ingredient than its cousin SLS which is known to cause skin irritation in some people and is generally found in mass produced bath bombs). All of our bath bombs are coloured with a colouring specifically made for bath bombs which changes the colour of the water.

Why Buy Natural Cold Process Soap

Natural handmade soap is traditionally created by the chemical reaction between oils and Lye (Sodium Hydroxide). When this reaction is complete, just natural glycerine and soap remain. Commercial soap found in most shops and supermarkets is made with basic ingredients and has usually had the glycerine extracted (as it is valuable and sold on to cosmetics companies for use in beauty products). The glycerine is replaced by cheaper artificial chemicals and preservatives, which results in a soap that dries out and often irritates skin.

Heavenly Bubbles luxury silk handmade soap is made in this traditional way using top quality ingredients, nothing is extracted. This creates a bar of soap which is full of glycerine, nourishing oils and butters which leave your skin feeling smooth and silky. Best of all, there are no artificial preservatives involved.