Halloween Spider Gift Set

Halloween Spider Gift Set

Our Halloween 'Spider' Gift Set is great fun and contains a selection of our Halloween Products;

  • Spider Bath Bomb
  • Spider Fairy Dust (with spider ring)
  • Jack is Back...Jelly soap

...drumroll... and our Wicked Spider Scary Screamer!  

These screamers are activated one of two ways ... push the button, however, once the tab is removed they are light activated... just hide away somewhere dark and once the light comes on the 'screamer' sound is activated!

We may supply your gift box 'flat packed' for you to pop up into place and add in your gift selection. The spider rings supplied with your bombs / dust are one size and are open rings so will fit a variety of sized fingers! They may be neon or black. 

You can choose to upgrade your dust to contain a wooden scoop. Select the options below. 


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