Jelly Soap

Add a little fun to wash time with a wibbly wobbly jelly soap! Use these soaps in one piece or tear off little pieces as you go along.

mermaid jelly soap uk

Mermaid Dreams Jelly Soap

More than just a soap, our jelly soap is an experience!! Mermaid Dreams is our coordinated item to our Mermaid Tail bath bomb and is scented with Scented in a fun, sweet jelly bean fragrance and has a touch of shimmery mica. To use, use in the shower as normal - lathering onto wet skin, break off chunks as you need to, chop up and add to a sieve to create bubble bath... the opportunities are endless!IngredientsGlycerin, aqua, sodium laureth sulfate, chondrus crispus powder (Carrageenan), phenoxyethanol, pentasodiumpentetate, tetrasodium etidronate, fragrance oil, colouring.Not suitable for children under 3 years. All children must be supervised with jelly soap. Do not eat. May cause an allergic reaction - if so, stop use immediately.100g