Meet the Maker

Me: Hi, I'm Cass, the owner and maker of Heavenly Bubbles. I'm married (a newly wed!) and I've discovered an innermost zen when making and being creative with new ideas! 

My Business; I make and sell natural bath bombs and will be expanding the range very soon to include whipped soap, cold processed soap, melt & pour soap, body butter, body lotions, jelly soaps, bath salts.. the list goes on. They are all veggie or vegan friendly and importantly paraben and SLS free. 

Heavenly Bubbles started around 8 years ago (wow!) and I joined 18 months ago as an ambassador and then, this year, 2019 as the owner. The business has grown from first making soap, to showing at trade and craft fairs to growing a team of over 50 ambassadors and now stocking independent shops through it's trade section. This year, I plan to increase the reach on stocking trade and a big push for Heavenly Bubbles online presence. 

I have sensitive skin... REALLY sensitive skin and I find it hard to find products that I can use over and over again without some kind of reaction... however, I find the products I create to be awesome for sensitive skin. I'm vegetarian too so wanted to produce a range of products that would the vegetarian cosmetics market. The previous owner of Heavenly Bubbles decided to do other things and after 8 years of growing Heavenly Bubbles, Wendy wanted to go back to her routes and being painting abstract art again. So, I've taken the plunge! 

I have converted space for a workshop, storage and marketing. It's great that this space is at home and I've been fortunate to have the space to convert. Prior to Heavenly Bubbles I worked in management consultancy  for many years, so I'm adapt to working at home. I've spent my life helping others to grow their business, create or refurbish buildings, project managing and whilst I felt satisfaction the role requires lots of travel, time away from home and a different lifestyle to what I needed. I've also felt for years that I needed to 'create something'. I'd previously grown a fashion business over 5 years but even through the successes (and failures), I didn't feel satisfied. These products were created by others and I retailed (or sold wholesale) them. It wasn't satisfying. So when the opportunity to purchase Heavenly Bubbles came around, I jumped at the chance and haven't looked back. 

I'll be focussing on expanding the ranges over the first year and increasing Heavenly Bubbles' online presence but who is to know where this will take me. At present I'm designing the next round of bath bombs, whipped soap and sugar scrubs... the great thing is I get to design, test and launch all of these products. 

Cassandra Wardle Editor