Heavenly Bubbles Affiliate Programme

Join Heavenly Bubbles Affiliates and promote our products online for at least 15% commission per sale.

Bath and body products, particularly bath bombs have never been more popular! At Heavenly Bubbles we hand make lots of top quality bath bombs and soaps etc in our own unique eye catching style! Heavenly Bubbles Affiliates has a £6 joining fee with no minimum monthly target to achieve to earn commission! If you just want to earn a few extra pounds in some of your free time this is an ideal way to do it by selling products to friends and family. If you earn your living selling and promoting products, then why not promote Heavenly Bubbles alongside other brands you offer to customers!

Commission levels start at 15% per sale, rising through percentage increases all the way up to 30% per sale. When you sell at least £150 of products per month you will also get a £10 gift voucher to spend online so you can purchase products to demo, sell, or use as competition prizes. You will be pleased to know gift voucher values rise as your monthly order value rises too.


How does our system work? You receive your own personal link to the Heavenly Bubbles website. Any sales placed through that link, whether you do it yourself or a customer does it directly, will register commission for you in your affiliatly.com account. Your affiliatly account is paid out on a monthly basis. You will receive notification via email of any sales placed through your link.

Please ensure you join our 'Heavenly Bubbles Affiliates' Facebook group once your account has been approved to keep up to date with product news, promotions and bonuses.


Please fill in the form below adding in all of your social media links (selling groups / personal) and to your website if you have one. Please also in the comments box state if you already sell online and if you have an active selling group(s) already and why you'd like to promote Heavenly Bubbles.  Once we receive your application, we will call you to progress your application to see if you are a good fit. If successful, you will receive a confirmation email from affiliatly.com where your commission account will be held. 


There is a £6 joining fee which you will need to pay using a specific link through our website, but only after you have been accepted as an affiliate. We ask for the joining fee to show your commitment. It's non-refundable. If you join up and pay and change your mind, the fee is non-refundable.