Turn Your Bath into a Blood Bath

Our original designed Shark Attack bath bomb is a firm favourite with many of our customers. 

We spend months in product development designing and testing each range before we release and our favourite shark bath bomb was no exception. 

Firstly, choosing the scent... we chose strawberry. Fruity, uplifting and a scent everyone, young and old will recognise so this appeals to all. It's also a scent that takes us all year round. Then we test our own developed recipe, containing rich skin nourishing oils like shea butter, with the fragrance and colour options in the mould  before releasing, drying and hand-painting. To get the colour mix right firstly on the dried product and secondly in the bath when in use, this can take numerous attempts.

With our shark attack bath bomb, it was imperative that the hidden red 'blood' was a surprise, in that you couldn't see the trails of red until it was released in the water. We also used our signature colour embed recipe which can help gently propel this fun bath bomb around the bath and contribute to the bath art. 

Our hand-painting technique contains cocoa butter - we use this as much as possible as this also adds to the skin nourishing and smoothing sensation. The combination of bath oils in the bath leave the water and your skin feeling really soft and smooth! 

Once we got the basics right (scent, red embed, basic colour), we then had to test different finishes and chose to spray paint the shark's back to give it a mottled effect, much like you can see on real sharks (although we've gone for a more fun blue over greys), followed by hand painting the red mouth and eyes with a cocoa butter-mica mix all adding to the experience of colour depth and fun!

Cassandra Wardle Editor